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    (Hypo)theses of Sensible Intelligence: Meeting and Discussion with Jacques Rancière and the Theses Working Group. On 18th of March 2023 the working group of the Guerilla University and the former and current artists and researchers in residence at the Orangeries de Bierbais, met with the French philosopher Jacques Rancière at the Kulturakademiet in Paris. The gathering was initiated and organized by the PhD In One Night/ Laboratory for Radical Peace in residence at the Orangeries de Bierbais, in order to... [read more and watch the videos here]


    We have enormous honour to announce the concert [at Kazerne Dossin on 24.06.2023] in the frame of film shooting with Simon Gronowski (92) and Kosta Jakic (26) -camera Ivan Put- that PhD In One Night, Orangeries de Bierbais, Laboratory for Radical Peace in collaboration with Fondation La Nacelle, prepare. The evening opens with a vibrant jazz session by Simon Gronowski. Kosta Jakić performs the fragment of the ‘Piece for the Speaking Pianist: De Profundis’ by Frederic Rzewski, inspired by... [read more here]


    On 18th of March 2022 the working group of the Guerilla University and the former and current artists and researchers in residence at the Orangeries de Bierbais, met with the French philosopher Jacques Rancière at the Kulturakademiet in Paris. The gathering was initiated and organized by the PhD In One Night/ Laboratory for Radical Peace in residence at the Orangeries de Bierbais, in order to discuss the (Hypo)theses on Sensible Intelligence, a collective text consisting of 30 ideas/statements written by the residents, and inspired by the work of Jacques Rancière. This collective act of thinking and writing – putting the collective intelligence in practice – presents an attempt to reconfigure the private domain and historical English garden built in 1828 by the German/Dutch architect Charles-Henri Petersen (also the architect of the Botanical garden in Brussels, designed in 1830), a place envisioned and established under the colonial laws and regimes, now entering a new... [read more here + photos]


    On June 4th, some of the PhD in One Night collaborators that are part of artists in residence at Orangeries de Bierbais, are featured at the artists' parcours for the ocasion of celebrating 900 years of Mont-Saint-Guibert. These include... [read more here]


    Read the full portrait of our dear collaborator, Gulistan Sido, published by INALCO (Institute national des langues et civilisations orientales


    Planting (kurdish) olive tree for peace: Inauguration of a Laboratory for Radical Peace... Read More - video+text


    radio bierbais archive at archive.org


    We are delighted to invite you to the artistic event Inhabiting the Uninhabitable, which will take place in the Building of l'Ancienne Société Anonyme de Rotogravure d’art (ASAR), an iconic brutalist building by architect François Roos at the canal in Anderlecht, on November 18.
    Starting at 8 pm, our program will explore ways of inhabiting physical and metaphorical spaces that are worn out or abandoned, while literally and temporarily occupying an empty building.READ THE FULL PROGRAM HERE.


    a brief photo-reflection, a video, booklet... from the Day of Aesthetic Cartographies of Situations that took place at Orangeries de Bierbais on September 29th...MORE PHOTOS HERE.



    •“When it arrives... « Le Temps du Paysage » (The Time of the Landscape) - exceptional encounter with the French philosopher Jacques Rancière. On Thursday 29 September 2022 (10h-22h) at Les Orangeries de Bierbais, Belgium

    [EN] This day, in the form of Guerilla University, is offered by PhD In One Night and Les Orangeries de Bierbais/Fondation la Nacelle, in Mont-Saint-Guibert, just 5 km from the university city of Louvain-la-Neuve... [READ MORE]

    [FR] Cette journée, sous la forme de Guérilla University, est proposée par PhD In One Night et Les Orangeries de Bierbais/Fondation la Nacelle, à Mont-Saint-Guibert, à 5 km de la cité universitaire de Louvain-la-Neuve... [LIRE PLUS]

    [VL] Deze dag, naar het formaat van Guerilla University, wordt voorgesteld door PhD In One Night en Les Orangeries de Bierbais/Fondation la Nacelle, in Mont-Saint-Guibert, op 5 km van de universiteitsstad Louvain-la-Neuve...[LEES VERDER]


    On Saturday June 25th, PhD In One Night platform for the aesthetic experimentation of all, within their Laboratory for a Radical Peace, and as part of La Fondation La Nacelle / Les Orangeries de Bierbais, had an event, "Sonic Gardening", proposed by Dejana Sekulic (a member of the collective) open to all curious public. Participants were...MORE TEXT + PHOTOS HERE.


    PhD In One Night, platform for the aesthetic eperimentation of all, as part of residency the Orangeries de / La Nacelle Foundation and Laboratory for Radical Peace inaugurated at the Orangeries de Bièrbais on May 1, 2022 invites you to "Sound gardening", proposed by Dejana Sekulic, sound researcher, violinist and composer. The event will take place on Saturday, June 25 from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m....READ MORE HERE.


    On Sunday May 1, 2022 the PhD In One Night platform for the aesthetic experimentation of all, had the inauguration of our Laboratory for a Radical Peace, as part of La Fondation La Nacelle / Les Orangeries de Bierbais. The event happened in the presence of artist-researchers... MORE TEXT + PHOTOS HERE.


    We are happy to invite you on Sunday May 1, 2022 with the PhD In One Night platform for the aesthetic experimentation of all, to the inauguration of our Laboratory for a Radical Peace, as part of La Fondation La Nacelle / Les Orangeries de Bierbais, in the presence of artist-researchers: Ukrainian pianist Markiyan Popil, Ukrainian violinist Ana Popil, Kurdish linguist Gulistan Sido, Kurdish philosopher Mansur Tayfuri, Belgian-ex/post-Yugoslavian pianist Kosta Jakić, saxophonist Erwin Vann, and many other guests...READ MORE HERE.

    Picto by Dragan Protić, member of the Škart collective


    Time has come to start talking about PhD in One Night / People Coming from NowHere's co-habiting in prolonged tempo-rarity with Orangeries of Bierbais / La Nacelle foundation! Ideas that were planted some time ago and started to grow in 2021, are now already seedlings. In the following short text we announce proposed/planned actions within the framework “A future for Culture 2022”. READ MORE HERE.


    Video Documentation of two final events from Guerilla University that took place on October 23rd in KÜNSTLERHAUS, WIEN:


    We are sharing precious and rare moment of conversation between the delegation of Zapatistas who are currently traveling through Europe and who stopped at our friends at the La Nacelle Foundation in Belgium* while assisting on zoom debate, respecting their decision not to take pictures (camera will face the park), meeting with the protagonists of the Kurdish action "Green Braids" - planting 4,000,000 trees in the field of Rojava (Kurdish Autonomous Region in northern Syria) around Rojava University, our comrades from the USA who invite us learning from Black Struggles and showing connections between Black Panthers and zapatistas movements), our kurdsih friend philosopher Mansur Teifuri who showed how zapatist's struggle inspired kurdsih peasant struggle in Iran in 1979 and migrant association(DAS KOLEKTIV- Linz)- presenting of visual action "seeding the words in landscapes" in the frame of migrants alphabetization through poetry- Guerilla University Austria, October 2021, inspired partly by words of Zapatista delegation that they hosted in Linz : "We come in Europe to plant the words as seeds". See full text and VIDEO.


    Short announcement: Guerilla University GUERILLA UNIVERSITÄT ~ Free Temporary Territories – Learning from Unlearning will be taking place from 13. 10. 2021 until 23. 10. 2021. While further details and updates are to come, you can read general announcements, as well find links to relevant information (for participation and/or participants) HERE.


    Jacques Ranciere's letter about the Method Train by PhD In One Night can be read in full HERE (in English or French)


    After Brazilian premier of our film "Poems from which we Learned", Gustavo Chataignier writes "The film “Poems from which we learn” is a sensorial event." Read the full text (in English or French) HERE


    "PhD In One Night" and long-term collective of people for aesthetic education Vis had on August 10th and 11th a "Self-organized class - music and space" ("Samoorganizovani razred - muzika i prostor"), coordinated by Matea Jončić. Matea navigated the creative process of eight young humans in reading, internalising and expressing a composition by Dejana Sekulić "Score by Spaces" (2019/2021), for musicians and non-musicians....[READ MORE, PHOTO+VIDEO]


    Thanks to the wonderful team that made it possible, we have the great pleasure to announce that on July 31st at 7 pm CET, there was a Brazilian premiere of our film (narration on english; subtitles in portuguese) "Poems from which we learned- fragments on self-learning on sensible and politics "- realized by our team Phd in One Night and People Coming From NoWhere, with wonderful guests and collaborators. After the movie there was a talk with Nina de Vroome and Ivana Momcilovic. Present in thoughts - Dejana Sekulic, Marta Coronado, Beniamin Boar, Kosta Jakic, Leonardo Kovacevic, Jakic Ljubomir,Catho Veltjen and our guests Gregoire Rousseau, Stephane Ginsburgh and Jacques Ranciere. Thank you to Akademski Filmski Centar (Dom Kulture Studentski Grad) for support in final realization of the film. Thank you to Brazilian friends Pedro Hussak, Pedro Taam, Daniela Blanco, Gustavo Chataignier and many others! [MORE]



    PhD In One Night participated and presented the work and the film "Poems from which we learned" at the conference "The (future) of artistic education" of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Menagement [READ+WATCH full HERE]


    On October 20, the international platform for aesthetic education of all launched, in cooperation with Rojava University and colleagues and friends from various parts of the world - Guerilla University. Jacques Ranciere opened this online University, with interviews and interventions in which participated: Andrejs Feld, Ivana Momčilović, Mansur Teifuri. [READ HERE+WATCH]


    Guerilla University is a temporary free territory, a jungle in the desert full of plants of the most incredible shape and pomegranates from which the world originated according to Kurdish mythology. Guerilla University is a  field of flowers in the desert and this imperfect garden that we are planting despite the decree of interdiction on plantation. Guerilla University is the sound of the inaudible. Guerilla University is the magic of the obvious, which reveals the treasures from the ordinary, just like Jean Painlevé's camera revealed to us the wonders of underground and hidden details in the common world. In temporary free territories, we learn from the present moment. Guerilla University is learning from the present. Guerilla University is connecting by simple available means. It is putting a postage stamp on letters to the unknowns at the time of fast communication, Guerilla University is sending a postcard from free temporary territory without exact address, Guerilla university is looking at stars without a telescope. Guerilla University in collaboration with Rojava University is a common learning of freedom.
    From the text- Guerilla University by PhD In One Night, school year 20/21. [READ HERE]

    Video by Nina de Vroome for/with People Coming from NowHere collective and PhD in One Night.


    "What might the wind sound like among those leaves?" (2020) is a graphic score made by Dejana for the occasion of the happening in Guerilla University+Rojava University+people from different places' 3rd meeting session, a collaborative and communal thinking project initiated by People Coming from NowHere/PhD in One Night collective and project. The "sound objects" used in graphic score were derived from shapes found in images of Make Rojava Green Again (found on the blog defi-ecologique.com). The piece can be performed by merely imagining sound in one's head. But it can also be played (from imagined or experienced sounds) using any instrument and means available, by one or by multiple people. Or - as graphic performance for 9 people during an online meeting, as it was the case for the 3rd session that took place on December 30th, 2020. For full text and details about the work, read more here.


    On October 20th 2020, we inaugurated the first session of Guerilla University for the school year 20/21. We thank, among others, Rojava University, Gulistan Sido, Mansur Teifori, Anders Fjeld and Jacques Ranciere for their collaboration and presence! More details to follow... [READ HERE]



    PhD In One Night participated with its film " Poems from which we learned" on the inauguration of South Bank University London, ACI Learning and Teaching Conference on 2020 Thursday 18th June - Friday 19th June "After the Digital"

    "Following the recent forced transition to off-campus delivery, the intended theme of this year’s Learning and Teaching Conference - After the Digital - appeared more relevant than ever. How do today’s students and academics navigate a digitally mediated landscape which we were all so critical about a few short months ago, yet which now seems to be impossible to survive beyond? How can inclusive practices be implemented and extended in relation to technologically enhanced or blended learning? What techniques, perspectives and opportunities have we found useful and interesting and would like to share?

    Opening event: Thursday 18th June, 14.00 – 16.00 Screening of film Poems from Which we Learned: fragments of learning through abstraction, by People Coming from NowHere. Panel discussion: Ivana Momcilović, Nina de Vroome, Leonardo Kovacević, Dejana Sekulić. Hosted by: Adam Brown . The word of organisers: "As an opening event for this year’s Learning and Teaching Conference, we are excited to present a screening of the film Poems from which we Learned, by the collective People Coming from NowHere. This 55 minute film will be followed by a panel discussion with its originators and producers, an interdisciplinary collective of artists, performers and academics. The film showcases the range of their ideas and projects, which occupy a space somewhere between education and art, and which draw on their shared experience of migration, Ranciere’s writing on intellectual egalitarianism, and a commitment to radical indisciplinarity." [READ HERE]


    • PHD In One Night is happy to present the first part of the project, which in the spirit of our research was carried out by one of our members in Switzerland "Experimentation of Anyone Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Experimental Films  1963‒today" a proposition by Ivana Momčilović at Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève


    • Aesthetic education session 2020 on the island Vis - ‘Costume for a Rebel’
    The session was dedicated to Claudette Colvin, a black 15-year-old student who was the first person refusing to give a seat to a white woman in a segregationist bus on March 2, 1955 in Montgomery, USA. [READ HERE]


    • We are happy to announce the video of last summer's session of aesthetic education for all on Vis, edited and made by Lucija Ćaće. Lucija has been with us since our first open class in 2014, as a 8 years old girl. Thanks to Lucija for this video and comments in the short film!

    Open indisciplinary class Vis, 2019
    In search of (lost) forms

    Special thanks:
    All the participants and friends on Vis and family Damir i Olga Karuza

    Učestvovali/Participated:: Lucija Ćaće, Marinela Ćaće, Evita i Elvis Dragojević, Eva Vučković and Ivana Momčilović, Ljubomir Jakić, Tanja NIkolic Ćićanovic

    Video montaža/ Video editing:
    Lucija Ćaće
    Vis/ Split 2020


    • Indisciplinary Symphony - Train Method at FeelHelsinki Festival
    slow journey (locomotive + 4 wagons)- work with Helsinki students during a corona time (April/May, 2020)


    • Read the full text about "Poems from which we learned", and its projection at South Bank University London: dksg.rs (June, 2020)


    • Nick Nesbitt (Princeton University, Czech Academy of Sciences): ‘Poems From Which We Learned: Fragments on Self-Learning About the Sensible and Politics’
    I’d like to say a few words in reaction to Ivana Momcilovic’s wonderful new film ‘Poems From Which We Learned.’ This is only a contingent bricolage of sensations and improvised thoughts rebounding from a first viewing; every viewer will construct their own experience and understanding of this rich and complex film; every repeated viewing will itself serve to construct a new film, to discover unsuspected riches in its rich expanse.
    In the very first opening image, we see a quote from Darwin out of focus, and a hand passes before these words to gradually bring them in and out of focus. Already, we experience the imperative interrogation that will structure the filmic movement: what is it to know the idea(s) we already have, to see them clearly, to bring them into distinct focus? We must, Rancière tells us, take our true idea and link it to everything!


    • Erik S. Roraback (Charles University and F.A.M.U. International, Prague) on "Poems from Which we Learned"
    What is our situation today? Director Ivana Momčilović Poems from Which We Learned confronts head-on and imaginatively interrogates the complex deadlocks of our contemporaneity. Inspired by the work of Jacques Rancière on the sensible, on the common sensorium, on “the equality of intelligence" (Joseph Jacotot), on the problems of how to learn of how to teach and of how to shatter the traditional function and hierarchy of the teacher-pupil relationship, Momčilović´s picture offers new ways of thinking about these charged and fascinating spaces of thinking and questioning.


    • John Hill (an artist, organiser and educator based in Prague) about ‘Poems From Which We Learned: Fragments on Self-Learning About the Sensible and Politics’
    Holding moments together for a decade, as this film does, is possible because in these moments different times are co-present—a fact this film does not construct but reveals as an abstraction, one to be struggled with precisely because it neither precedes nor follows the things that happened and that we watch. When we make a soundtrack to a silent film, when we draw the audience watching, when we dance, of course, on a stage or in the street, when our camera finds another’s body, the response is not our own but belongs to—and is produced by—that moment, together with other moments, alone with other people. READ THE FULL TEXT HERE


    • On October 30th in Diplay, Prague, at 19:00 the premier of the film "Poems From Which We Learned". The film will be followed by a conversation of Ivana Momčilović with John Hill.
    For more information see display.cz and meetfactory.cz.


    • PhD In One Night and People Coming from NowHere are happy to announce first screenings of their film " Poems from which we learned"

    Researching sensorial amateur experiences in every day life, film Poems from which we learned- fragments on self-learning in sensible and politics ", presents a 10 years sensible cinematic archive of experimentations of one group and platform Phd In One Night- platform for aesthetic education for all, based in Brussels, Helsinki, Vis and working with Jacques Rancière and his ideas of equality and emancipation through aesthetics and indisciplinarity.

    The film is based on almost forgotten documentation material of the collective’s experiments that has been gathered through a decade via various haphazard and dramaturgicaly prepared interventions, as well as materials from the history of film – therefore the whole material has, in its treatments and its use, the appearance of found footage.

    Key words: aesthetic revolution, “poetics of knowledge”, aesthetic materialism, indisciplinarity, emancipation, equality.

    Thanks to all without whom this film would never be possible and specially (in alphabetical order): Marta Coronado, Nina De Vroome, Ljubomir Jakić, Ivana Momčilović, Liza Penkova, Jacques Rancière, Dejana Sekulić and several institutions among which Hiap, Helsinki and Academic Film Center Belgrade (AFC) of Students City Cultural Center Belgrade.

    Longer list of thanks, sources of inspiration and participants in this adventure appears in the longue list of movie credits at the end of the film.


    • Read more about "Indisciplinary Symphony: Learning (from) the Present – Fragment number 2" in texts on
    hiap.fi #1,
    hiap.fi #2


    •A video from our Audio Solar Vis 2018 open class is here!


    • Presenting Manja Ristic, our collaborator in Audio Solar Vis 2018 and many morewww.mixcloud.com/Manja_Ristic


    •A glimps into the course and performance following the 'Indisciplinary Symphony / Learning (from) the Present' in Helsinki (May-June 2019)

    'Indisciplinary Symphony / Learning (from) the Present', Fragment nr.2, took place between May 27th and june 1st in Helsinki (Finland). It was organised at University of Art Helsinki by Phd In One Night collective in collaboration with HIAP. The participants of the course were invited to displace academic separations of genres, disciplines, and expertise to work with different aspects of knowledge, the methodological and magical. Our collective for this occasion consised Marta Coronado, Ivana Momčilović, Dejana Sekulić, Sergio Castrillón, Panos Balomenos , Gregoire Rousseau / Manu Frau and Leonardo Kovacevic, with interventions by Jacques Rancière. The course participants were Tero Hytönen, Jingke Xu, Marika Peura, Nicolina Stylianou, Anni Kaila, Riikka Talvitie, Matilda Seppälä, Taru Aho, Kristina Eudaimonia Bogataj, Daniela Pascual Esparza and Olga Spyropoulou. On June 1st, the *all* the participants of this fragment of sharing and collecting knowledge createrd and shared a public event, a performance of knowledge, in Oodi Central Library.

    Here below some photographs of it all, captured by Sheung Yiu and Panos Balomenos.

    The Indisciplinary Symphony will continue in Helsinki in 2019/2020 in collaboration with Aalto University / Helsinki University / University of Art Helsinki.


    •Closing Indisciplinqry Symphony Fragment number 2

    Happy to announce that our Fragment number 2 (in Finland) passed like a nice dream, beyond all expectations. We met great devoted people on a way and hope to continue this adventure. More photos and infos follows.​ Tnx to all being involved in this experimental/ pilot project course based on human emancipation and educational poetization/ transformation. If we consider that education is a base of a society, that was a little path for society but big for all of us being involved in it. Towards University of Dreams and University of Collective Intelligence* 🔭✨✨ Tnx to all!
    Thank you to to Students of Music, Theatre Academy and Fine Arts Academy)": Tero Hytönen, Jingke Xu, Marika Peura , αίθερ λίνα, Anni Kaila, Riikka Talvitie, Matilda Seppälä Taru Aho Kristina Eudaimonia Bogataj, Daniela Pascual Esparza, Olga Spyropoulou Tnx to artists/ educators Jacques Ranciere, Panos Balomenos, Marta Coronado, Dejana Sekulic, Sergio Castrilion, Gregoire Rousseau, Manuele Frau, Leonardo Kovacevic for their great interventions, sharings, proposals. Tnx deeply from my heart to Juha Huuskonen for all his intuitions, visions and support, TNX great HIAP people ( i am affraid to tag you here:), tnx to dear Tero Nauha for your openings and suport and dear Aune Kalliinen for great support, work and sharings, tnx to Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski for sensible and support , tnx to Johanna Vakari for visions and suport, tnx to great Tiina Salmi for her openings and visions, tnx to Päivi Balomenos for her warm support and part of constellation, tnx to Baran Çağinli for all, tnx to Milan Milosavljević and AFC club Belgrade for warm and great support on the finalization of the film "Poems from which we learned", tnx dear Samuli Tanner for all your help with the sound mastering.
    Thnak you and welcome for the new phase of the project: Maiju Loukola, Pia Euro, Susanna Helke, Ari Hirvonen, Janne Porttikivi*
    More documentation, photos, videos, texts, works... from the week of Fragment nr.2 coming soon!

    -Pepole Coming from NowHere


    •Come come come, it is tomorrow!⤴︎⤵︎

    So many fragments to share, among others: "GREAT LEARNING", by great Cornelius Cardew (paragraphe 6)🎶🔭⚡️
    With great reverberations and presence of marvellous students of the "Indisciplinary Symphony - Learning (from) the Present Course" - Uniarts (Music, Theatre Academy and Fine Arts Academy)": Tero Hytönen, Jingke Xu, Marika Peurα, αίθερ λίνα, Anni Kaila, Riikka Talvitie, Matilda Seppälä, Taru Aho, Kristina Eudaimonia Bogataj, Daniela Pascual Esparza, Olga Spyropoulou. With presence and reverberations of Jacques Ranciere, Panos Balomenos, Marta Coronado, Dejana Sekulic, Sergio Catrilion, Gregoire Rousseau, Emanuel Frau, Baran Çağinli, Leonardo Kovacevic, Juha Huuskonen, Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski Tiina Salmi, Päivi Balomenos Milan Milosavljević. Welcome tomorrow: Maiju Loukola, Pia Euro, Susanna Helke, Ari Hirvonen, Janne Porttikivi*

    -Pepole Coming from NowHere



    We are happy to announce after many fragments and moments on the way , our pilot experimental Course "INDISCIPLINARY SYMPHONY/ LEARNING ( FROM) THE PRESENT" open for the students of 3 Art Academies in Helsinki ( Sibelius- Fine Arts and Performing Arts). With: Dejana Sekulic Panos Balomenos, Marta Coronado,Jacques Ranciere, Sergio Castrillon, Gregoire Rousseau* Tnx Juha Huuskonen and HIAP ( Helsinki international Art Program) for all intuitions and support and all people being involved until now! Tnx Baran Çağinli*
    Phd in One Night collective explores how learning can happen through art, what would be aesthetic education for all and is there still any emancipatory role left for the artist in the (capitalist) society. The collective collaborates with philosopher Jacques Rancière and has been inspired by his writings on the concept of indisciplinarity.
    The public event on Saturday 1 June at Oodi library will present the results of the course which is organized as a collaboration between the three University of Art Helsinki schools (Academy of Fine Arts, Theatre Academy and Sibelius (Music) Academy) and HIAP, in the last week of May. The participants of the course are invited to displace academic separations of genres, disciplines, and expertise to work with different aspects of knowledge, the methodological and magical. The course is an invitation for further reflections and actions on the topics of equality, emancipation, singular and common, objective and subjective, theory and practice, mobility in/and the immobility, placement, and displacement, “aesthetic revolution” “poetics of knowledge”, aesthetic materialism.
    The artists as educators, members of the Indisciplinary Symphony working group are Jacques Ranciére (philosopher, writer, gardener, educator), Marta Coronado (dancer, choreographer, movement researcher, educator), Ivana Momčilović (dramaturge, text researcher, poet, translator, editor, educator), Dejana Sekulić (violinist, sound explorer, performer, educator), Sergio Castrillón (sound researcher, cellist, composer, educator), Baran Caginli (visual artist, educator), Panos Balomenos (visual artist, costume designer, theatre/opera director, educator) and Gregoire Rousseau (visual artist, electronic engineer, educator).
    Research on indisciplinarity by collective Ph.D In One Night is a work in progress. In its self-managed and self-financed phases, it consisted on work with the pupils on remote island in post-Yugoslavia (Vis), work with pupils in primary schools in Brussels, and with students in Sport High School (Mäkelänrinne) in Helsinki, as well as on aesthetic education with migrants (Belgium and Belgrade). Ph.D. in One Night has collaborated with Free University of Brussels (ULB) on the invitation of Political Science Department, with the participation of 1 200 students.
    The event on 1st of June is from 14:00 to 18:00 in Oodi has free entrance and is open for the general public. On program: Students Indisciplinary presentations + Indsciplinary Symphony: “POEMS FROM WHICH WE LEARNED” Film Screening + Presentation of Jacques Ranciere’s book ” Modern Times” [engl] edited by the organizers of the course + Public Debate. Leonardo Kovacevic will join the public conversation. He is a Post-Yugoslav philosopher, working on the poetics of Jacques Ranciere for many years.< br /> Special thank you goes to Danai A Anagnostou, Tero Nauha, and Aune Kallinen for making it all possible!

    -Pepole Coming from NowHere


    •Indisciplinary Info Day in Sibelius Academy Helsinki

    In October 2018t artistes/ educators met on Sibelius Academy Helsinki for sharing the ideas of Indisciplinary Symphony Course which is going to be realized between 27th May and 1st of June 2019 on University of Arts Helsinki. More infos soon...


    •July 27th - August 3th, 2018 - Open Class in Komiža, on the remote Island Vis.
    in memory of our friend Nenad Neno Odak (★★- 2017)
    For more information visit the Facebook event here


    •Indisciplinary Symphony/
    Indisciplinary learning/ Finland, 2018
    Art as learning as art
    (towards collective intelligence)

    In the frame of the project Indisciplinary Symphony, Phd in One night intervenes in two courses of Finish language ( teacher Tiina Salmi) in Helsinki Sport High School -Mäkelänrinteen lukio in a school year 2017/2018.

    "Interdisciplinarity is defined by the dictionary as “the quality or fact of involving or drawing on two or more branches of knowledge”. It is a way of crossing the borders of disciplines that maintains those borders. It confirms the idea that each discipline defines a specific competence –  and, by the same token, a specific incompetence - so that the addition of these knowledges reproduces a world of knowledge structured by a multiplicity of forms of exclusion based on a fundamental separation between those who know and those who don’t know, those who think and those who don’t think. Since this separation was precisely my “object”, it is clear that I could not use that method."-  Jacques Rancière

    Finish Lesson ( Drama course ), teacher: Tiina Salmi ( 6.2-9.4. 2018 accent is in March) - "Grammar of the form”
    Faculty of Fantasy 1

    First part of the Phd in One Night intervention is proposed in collaboration with Anni Laakso, sculptor (http://www.annilaakso.net/) working on relation between production of space and sculpture production / and Ivana Momcilovic, dramaturge.
    The proposal for work: starting with the students on "translating" drama text ( Lesson -Eugène Ionesco) to the artistic work of sculpting the collective "classrom/ shelter" sculpture where at the end of course students played drama improvisations inside the sculpted space. Sculpture stays in the main hall of the school afterward.



    Finish lesson ( Course Fiction),  teacher Tiina Salmi 10.4. - 31.5. 2018 ( accent is in May)
    Faculty of Fantasy 2

    Second part of Phd in One Night intervention in Sport higshool is proposed in collaboration with Ivana Momcilovic dramaturge and Gregoire Rousseau (www.rousseau.fi) exploring the connections between sound/ silence/ words/ visual/abstract language/ concrete language in "theatre of sounds/ theatres of words" where the role of fiction is used in the primary sense: as "increase of rationality".




    •Recent text ( Janaury 2018) about poetics and practice of Phd in One Night aesthetic and indisciplinary education for all on remote island Vis.



    •Aesthetic education for all: Phd in One Night- "Sound/music and surrealism poetry/collage"- open class- island Vis, Croatia - August 15th-20th, 2017



    •Watch and listen the talk: Anatomija otoka 2015. - Ivana Momčilović, Helena Klakočar, Lisa Penkova - "Art as an island - artists as part of the archipelago of the (responsible) tourism"



    •August 15th-20th, 2017 - Open Workshops in Komiza, on the Island Vis
    For more information visit the Facebook event here


    •March 29th, 2017 - Modern Times - Book Launch and "Music - Movement Research for One Book"
    - Modern Times - Essays on Temporality in Art and Politics by Jacques Rancière
    - Where: La Bellone (Rue de Flandre 46, 1000 Brussels)
    - With: Jacques Rancière (Paris), Leonardo Kovačević (Zagreb), Petar Milat ( Zagreb), Ivana Momčiović (Brussels), Stephane Ginsburgh (Brussels)-piano, Kosta Jakić (Brussels)-piano, Dejana Sekulić (Brussels)- violin and sound research, Marta Coronado (Brussels)- dance and movement research, Flora Bouteilla (Helsinki)- live editing, Gregoire Rousseau (Helsinki)- electricity sculptures. Special participation: mouvement - Liza Penkova. Special live drawing contribution- Christiophe Poot. Special guest: table de sensibles - Blue Moune. Special participation and thanks: Ljubomir Jakić and Magdalena Došen
    Event announcements: Facebook and Carpe Diem! Brussels

    Update: soon we will share an update, a reflection-continuation thought after the event + performance. And for now, please enjoy checking out the program from the evening here.



    •Article about PhD in one Night participation and work "L'école du bonheur/School of Happiness" within the "Écoles Actives", in the École du Tilleul, in with collaboration with the Université Populaire d'Anderlecht.



    •August 3-17th 2016 :: School of Animation open class, cycle "Escape on island/ Escape from island", Komiza (at Ivan Vitic Center), with the help of and in collaboration with the Belgian partners: Atelier Zorobabel and Têtes pressées


    •May 23rd - June 9th, 2016: Intervention on equality and aesthetics of knowledge, in the frame of Phd in one night research, University of the Arts Helsinki- Academy of Fine Arts

    For more about this, please read following texts on UniArts Helsinki and HIAP:
    - Philosopher Jacques Rancière joins Intervention on Equality and Aesthetics of Knowledge
    - Polyphonic Discussion with Jacques Rancière at HIAP Gallery


    •May, 29th: Universite Populaire Anderlecht "Open Doors"


    •January - February 2016: Residency + Workshop (Open Classes) "Škola Sreće / School of Happiness" in Primary Public School(s) in Anderlecht, in collaboration with l'Université Populaire Anderlecht


    •December 2015 - January 2016: Residency + Public Open Rehearsal (09-10.01.2016. in Paris)


    •November - December 2015: Residency + Workshop (Open Classes) "Škola Sreće / School of Happiness" in Primary Public School(s) in Anderlecht, in collaboration with l'Universit Populaire Anderlecht


    •August-September 2015: Residency + Workshop (Open Class) "Škola Sreće / School of Happiness" on island Vis (Croatia) (check out a video clip here, or photos here)