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    Invitation - June 25 - Sonic Gardening - Laboratory for Radical Peace - Orangeries de Beirbais

    June, 17 2022



    If there is one thing that needs to be radical, it is peace.- Léa Lansade (FR), dancer, in artistic residency in Bierbais, April 2022


    PhD In One Night, platform for the aesthetic eperimentation of all, as part of residency the Orangeries de / La Nacelle Foundation and Laboratory for Radical Peace inaugurated at the Orangeries de Bièrbais on May 1, 2022 invites you to "Sound gardening", proposed by Dejana Sekulic, sound researcher, violinist and composer. The event will take place on Saturday, June 25 from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m.

    For all the participants to be able to experience each aspect of the event, reservations to attend are necessary for organisation purposes. Please write an email with subject “Sound Gardening” to phdinonenight [at] gmail.com

    During the second part, between 5 p.m, and 7 p.m. Phd in One Night will present other activities undergoing, or in preparation, related to their residency at Orangeries de Bièrbais.

    Bar and snacks available

    About the place:
    In 1844, a rare orchid planted by amateur botanist and connaisseur De Man de Lennick, flourished in a greenhouse in Bierbais. It was Huntleya Violacea, the singular orchid found by M. Schomburgk, in the province of Guyana, only a few years earlier. In the same year, Annals of the Royal Society of Horticulture and Botany of Ghent in their first number (1844), dedicated about rare orchids, speaks about the flowering of rare orchids in Bierbais.
    Greenhouse and botanical garden in Bierbais (1828), which received modernist-brutalist architectural interventions in 1972, hosts nowadays artists, researchers and amateurs of permaculture as a result of the initiative of La Nacelle Foundation/ Orangeries de Bierbais. The Botanical Garden was conceived by the famous 19th century German landscape architect Charles Henri Petersen who also designed, a year later, the Botanical Garden in Brussels (1829), better known as Botanique.

    Dejana Sekulic's website
    La Nacelle Foundation's website

    With the support of the program A Future for Culture, Territories of creation
    Wallonie/Brussels Federation

    Address: 2A rue de Bierbais, 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert
    Parking: rue des Tilleuls
    Access: Mont-Saint-Guibert station / E411 motorway (Corroy-le-Grand exit)
    Martin van der Belen (La Nacelle) : martinvdbelen [at] gmail.com
    Ivana Momčilović (PhD in one Night) : migrativeart [at] gmail.com