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    "What might the wind sound like among those leaves?" (2020) is a graphic score made by Dejana for the occasion of the happening in Guerilla University+Rojava University+people from different places' 3rd meeting session, a collaborative and communal thinking project initiated by People Coming from NowHere/PhD in One Night collective and project. The "sound objects" used in graphic score were derived from shapes found in images of Make Rojava Green Again (found on the blog defi-ecologique.com). The piece can be performed by merely imagining sound in one's head. But it can also be played (from imagined or experienced sounds) using any instrument and means available, by one or by multiple people. Or - as graphic performance for 9 people during an online meeting, as it was the case for the 3rd session that took place on December 30th, 2020. For full text and details about the work, read more here.