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    PhD In One Night participated with its film "Poems from which we learned" on the inauguration of South Bank University London, ACI Learning and Teaching Conference on 2020 Thursday 18th June - Friday 19th June "After the Digital"


    "Following the recent forced transition to off-campus delivery, the intended theme of this year’s Learning and Teaching Conference - After the Digital - appeared more relevant than ever. How do today’s students and academics navigate a digitally mediated landscape which we were all so critical about a few short months ago, yet which now seems to be impossible to survive beyond? How can inclusive practices be implemented and extended in relation to technologically enhanced or blended learning? What techniques, perspectives and opportunities have we found useful and interesting and would like to share?

    Opening event: Thursday 18th June, 14.00 – 16.00 Screening of film Poems from Which we Learned: fragments of learning through abstraction, by People Coming from NowHere. Panel discussion: Ivana Momcilović, Nina de Vroome, Leonardo Kovacević, Dejana Sekulić. Hosted by: Adam Brown . The word of organisers: "As an opening event for this year’s Learning and Teaching Conference, we are excited to present a screening of the film Poems from which we Learned, by the collective People Coming from NowHere. This 55 minute film will be followed by a panel discussion with its originators and producers, an interdisciplinary collective of artists, performers and academics. The film showcases the range of their ideas and projects, which occupy a space somewhere between education and art, and which draw on their shared experience of migration, Ranciere’s writing on intellectual egalitarianism, and a commitment to radical indisciplinarity."