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    Philosophical-artistic intervention(s)

    When it arrives...

    « Le Temps du Paysage »
    (The Time of the Landscape)

    exceptional encounter

    with the French philosopher Jacques Rancière,
    On Thursday 29 September 2022 (10h-22h)
    at Les Orangeries de Bierbais, Belgium

    August, 22 2022
    Français || Vlaams



    This day, in the form of Guerilla University, is offered by PhD In One Night and Les Orangeries de Bierbais/Fondation la Nacelle, in Mont-Saint-Guibert, just 5 km from the university city of Louvain-la-Neuve.

    The day will take place in the park of the old monumental greenhouses of Bierbais in commemoration of their inauguration on September 29, 1828, while at the same time celebrating the process of their current reconfigurations.

    It will be a day of aesthetic interventions and transpositions, followed by the polyphonic conversation around the book "Le Temps du Paysage" ( The Time of the Landscape: On the Origins of the Aesthetic Revolution) in the presence of its author, the philosopher Jacques Rancière, one of the major figures of philosophy of our time. His ideas of the "ignorant master", "sharing of the sensible", “equality of intelligences", "aesthetic reconfigurations", "politics of amateurs", "poetics of knowledge", "unlearning", "indisciplinarity" and many others inspire many artists, philosophers, researchers and experimenters around the world. This book, recounting the history of the art of gardens from its apogee in the 18th and 19th centuries and also the philosophical-aesthetic turn that allowed the inclusion of this art among the fine arts, will be at the center of the program. The urgent challenges we are confronted with today and which force us to rethink the relations amongst ourselves and with nature, will be considered as source on which to develop a practice of emancipation and equality. In light of these challenges PhD In One Night platform offers the "Theses of the sensible intelligence”, which serve as an invitation to the writing of everyone.


    “The landscape is (...) much more than a spectacle that charms the eyes or elevates the soul. It is a form of unity of sensitive diversity that overturns the rules of art and metaphorizes the harmony or disorder of human communities.” – Excerpt from “Le Temps du Paysage. Aux origines de la révolution esthétique”, by Jacques Rancière, La Fabrique Éditions, 2020


    This indiciplinary meeting will be accompanied by the inauguration of the “Collective Garden of Knowledge”, an intervention as a collective tool of learning, in continuation to the experimental course brought by PhD In One Night (Vienna (Austria), October 2021) as part of a Guerilla University action with Jacques Rancière.


    Among other interventions and chrono-choreographies of the various experimenters – musicians, dancers, philosophers, visual artists and dreamers –, the meeting will be marked by the transmission of 24 hours of "Free Guerilla radio" programs, coordinated by Grégoire Rousseau (Documenta Kassel 2022), French engineer and visual artist. In the spirit of Guerilla University, this temporary radio station will combine Kurdish radio mythologies (philosopher Mansur Tayfouri), with speakers from the Zapatista movement and Black University USA (James Pope / Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur). Together they will create “Free Radio Bierbais”, producing a series of podcasts which will be available afterwards.

    The day will be dedicated to the reconfiguration of the historic site of the park of Les Orangeries de Bierbais, once an English-style park renowned for its rare exotic species, today in the process of decolonization and decompartmentalization – as a space for learning and experimentation in actual war(s) times through “Laboratory for Radical Peace” inaugurated on May 1, 2022 in Bierbais. The Laboratory for Radical Peace offers a field for experimentation, unlearning, (self-) learning, research and artistic creations in the wake of Rancière's key ideas: equality, emancipation, collective intelligence, distribution of the sensible.


    Organized by:

    - PhD In One Nightstrong, a platform for aesthetic experimentation for everyone. This platform has been collaborating for more than 15 years with Jacques Rancière allowing experimental courses and indisciplinary interventions across Europe, including Finland, Austria, Brazil, Croatia and Belgium. [ Indisicplinary Symphony, Indisciplinary Symphony and Poetry for Learning]
    - Fondation La Nacelle/Les Orangeries de Bierbais:
    Established three years ago in the Parc des Orangeries de Bierbais, this foundation is active in the fields of arts and culture, the environment and solidarity. It organizes artist residencies, exhibitions, workshops, concerts etc., as well as sharing sessions in permaculture and safeguard beekeeping. La Nacelle notably co-organized with the Musée L of Louvain-la-Neuve, in 2018, the exhibition "BienvenUE", bringing together for three months 47 artists around the theme of migration.



    -About the location of the event: the Parc of Les Orangeries de Bierbais
    Located 30km south of Brussels, this landscaped park, designed in 1828 by Charles Henri Petersen, was a forerunner in the development of monumental heated greenhouses in Europe. Short time after designing the Orangeries de Bierbais, this same landscape architect designed the famous “Botanique” in Brussels (1829), as well as the central part of the Domaine de Mariemont (1832). Bierbais and its greenhouses enjoyed international fame in the 19th century for its collections of orchids and exotic plants. The remaining buildings of the old greenhouses, the orangeries and their park, have now become an example of a third place where permaculture is practiced as a general philosophy.

    In 2022, within the framework of the call for projects "A Future for Culture, Territories of Creation" of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Les Orangeries de Bierbais/Foundation La Nacelle, in collaboration with PhD In One Night, are mobilizing with the aim of enhancing and promoting this place by connecting people and nature through art, philosophy, solidarity and permaculture, in particular through residencies of researchers and artists in the Laboratory for Radical Peace.


    In partnership with:
    - HICO
    , Center for the History of Philosophy and Continental Philosophy of UGent,University of Ghent (Belgium)
    - Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium)
    - Catholic University of Maule (Chile)
    - Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (Brazil)
    - Academy of visual arts Molenbeek (Belgique)
    - HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Program (Finland)
    - Mont-St-Guibert en Transition/La Nature dans tous ses états (Belgium)

    With support of the federation of Wallonia-Brussels
    Contact: phdinonenight [at] gmail.com (with the mention of “Temps du Paysage 29/09”)
    Free entrance/ Mandatory reservation/ Detailed program to follow