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    1st May - Inauguration of the Laboratory for Radical Peace - Orangeries de Beirbais

    May, 1 2022



    If there is one thing that needs to be radical, it is peace.- Léa Lansade (FR), dancer, in artistic residency in Bierbais, April 2022


    On Sunday May 1, 2022 the PhD In One Night platform for the aesthetic experimentation of all, had the inauguration of our Laboratory for a Radical Peace, as part of La Fondation La Nacelle / Les Orangeries de Bierbais. The event happened in the presence of artist-researchers: Ukrainian pianist Markiyan Popil, Ukrainian violinist Ana Popil, Kurdish linguist Gulistan Sido, Kurdish philosopher Mansur Tayfuri, Belgian-ex/post-Yugoslavian pianist Kosta Jakić, saxophonist Erwin Vann, and many other guests...

    Some photographic impressions form the event can be seen below.

    For the full description of the event, please see the invitation-article for the event here.