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    Inauguration session of Guerilla University 20/21 with Jacques Ranciere by PhD In One Night in collaboration with Rojava University


    On October 20, the international platform for aesthetic education of all launched, in cooperation with Rojava University and colleagues and friends from various parts of the world - Guerilla University. Jacques Ranciere opened this online University, with interviews and interventions in which participated: Andrejs Feld, Ivana Momčilović, Mansur Teifuri.



    Initiated by collective platform PhD In One Night for aesthetic education of all
    in collaboration with Rojava University
    and friends and colleagues worldwide

    Thank you:

    Rojava University participants-
    Gulistan Sido, Souleymane Mahmoud, Hussein Amawi and students from literature department studies, Institute of social sciences and department of Pedagogy

    Participants from Phd In One Night platform (Riikka Talvitie, Ivana Momčilovic, Nina de Vroome, Kristina Bogataj, Kosta Jakić, Nicolina Stylianou, Ljubomir Jakić) in collaboration with Mansur Teifuri, Anders Fjeld and Jacques Rancière

    Thank you all friends and colleagues worldwide who joined this session and who will continue with us the laboratory of collective thinking and collective experimentations 20/21

    To be continued...