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    Aesthetic education session 2021 on the island Vis -

    "Samoorganizovani razred - muzika i prostor" / "Self-organized class - music and space"

    August 10th - 11th, Island Vis


    "PhD In One Night" and long-term collective of people for aesthetic education Vis had on August 10th and 11th a "Self-organized class - music and space", coordinated by Matea Jončić. Matea navigated the creative process of eight young humans in reading, internalising and expressing a composition by Dejana Sekulić "Score by Spaces" (2019/2021), for musicians and non-musicians.

    We are thankful for the help to all the parties who contributed in making of this step of our cooperation possible, especially Alma Božanić, Ivana Kokić Ajazaj, Ingrid Kraljić, and Goran Čače who documented the process and results of this self-organized class work. The proceedings from the event will be shown in Vienna, in October, during our experimental course in cooperation with several Art Academies from Austria but also other associated academies (Oslo, London, Helsinki, Split, Belgrade).