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    June 25th - Sonic Gardening - Laboratory for Radical Peace - Orangeries de Beirbais

    June, 27 2022



    If there is one thing that needs to be radical, it is peace.- Léa Lansade (FR), dancer, in artistic residency in Bierbais, April 2022


    On Saturday June 25th, PhD In One Night platform for the aesthetic experimentation of all, within their Laboratory for a Radical Peace, and as part of La Fondation La Nacelle / Les Orangeries de Bierbais, had an event, "Sonic Gardening", proposed by Dejana Sekulic (a member of the collective) open to all curious public. Participants were greated and introduced to the history of Les Orangeries de Bierbais given by Martin van der Belen. After getting to know a little bit more about the fascninating history, they engaged in sonic discovering of the domain by taking a silent walk, contemplating and preparing messages for the trees, being the listener and the instrument in the perfomrance of Yiran Zhao's piece for solo head "SHH I"

    Some photographic impressions form the event can be seen below.

    For the full description of the event, please see the invitation-article for the event here.