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    "Poems from Which We Learned" premiered in Brazil


    Thanks to the wonderful team that made it possible, we have the great pleasure to announce that on July 31st at 7 pm CET, there was a Brazilian premiere of our film (narration on english; subtitles in portuguese) "Poems from which we learned- fragments on self-learning on sensible and politics "- realized by our team Phd in One Night and People Coming From NoWhere, with wonderful guests and collaborators. After the movie there was a talk with Nina de Vroome and Ivana Momcilovic. Present in thoughts - Dejana Sekulic, Marta Coronado, Beniamin Boar, Kosta Jakic, Leonardo Kovacevic, Jakic Ljubomir,Catho Veltjen and our guests Gregoire Rousseau, Stephane Ginsburgh and Jacques Ranciere. Thank you to Akademski Filmski Centar (Dom Kulture Studentski Grad) for support in final realization of the film. Thank you to Brazilian friends Pedro Hussak, Pedro Taam, Daniela Blanco, Gustavo Chataignier and many others!