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    Guerilla University | GUERILLA UNIVERSITÄT

    Free Temporary Territories – Learning from Unlearning
    13. 10. 2021 - 23. 10. 2021.

    [more details and updates coming at a later time]


    The GUERILLA UNIVERSITY is a collaborative, “indisciplinary” artistic-educational intervention in the follow-up or continuation of so-called "emancipatory education" experiments of the 20th century, conceiving the learning and teaching process as a collective intelligence creation.
    With the French philosopher Jacques Rancière, GUERILLA UNIVERSITY has a protagonist who was involved in these radical experimentsand is still actively working since over 40 years on the renewal of the emancipatory idea of (self) education: in consideration of diverse artists*, thinkers*, educators*, musi­cians*, dramaturges*, filmmakers*, choreographers*, cultural workers* and students*.

    For more details on participation and for participants please see the announcement on fotofluss.at

    More details about Erdem Gunduz can be read here: https://www.k-haus.at/besuch/kalender/veranstaltung/1139/erdem-gunduz.html, and about the talk with GUERILLA UNIVERSITY and Jacques Rancière that will take place at Künstlerhaus on October 23rd here: https://www.k-haus.at/besuch/kalender/veranstaltung/1143/indisciplinary-landscapes-landscapes-of-equality.html