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    Planting (kurdish) olive tree for peace: Inauguration of a Laboratory for Radical Peace


    If there is one thing that needs to be radical, it is peace-. Léa Lansade (FR), dancer, in artistic residency in Bierbais, April 2022

    We are happy to share with you the act of Planting the olive tree of peace by the Kurdish delegation of Green braids (plantation of 4 million trees in the war zone, prize awarded initiative by Danielle Miterand foundation in December 2022) on Sunday May 1, 2022 in Bierbais in the frame of inauguration of Laboratory for Radical Peace. Collaboration with the Kurdish delegation from Rojava University and Phd In One Night platform dates from October 2020, when Guerilla University project was inaugurated. Laboratory for Radical Peace, a step forward in Guerilla University frame is the initiative of PhD In One Night platform for the aesthetic experimentation of all, in partnership with La Fondation La Nacelle / Les Orangeries de Bierbais and in the presence of artist-researchers: Ukrainian pianist Markiyan Popil, Ukrainian violinist Ana Popil, Kurdish linguist Gulistan Sido, Kurdish philosopher Mansur Tayfuri, Belgian-ex/post-Yugoslavian pianist Kosta Jakić, saxophonist Erwin Vann, and many other guests.

    "The Laboratory for Radical Peace consists of a new redistribution of the sensible aiming at a permanent self-taught aesthetic and emancipatory education.

    The garden, as a laboratory, poses the hypothesis of a new reconfiguration of the world, of the possible and the impossible, a new relationship between man and society, as well as the relationship between man and nature. The garden becomes a free temporary zone, creating a transitional space of interruptions and re-connections between man, nature and society.

    The objective we have set ourselves in 2022 is to examine how the rural environment (in dialectic with urbanity) can affect human emancipation and how Peace in the world can be thought of, from such a place, in connection with the omnipresent war, without escaping it. In short, we invite to rethink the politics of emancipation through a radically reconfigured new gaze, by proposing a series of actions, including the inauguration of the “Collective Garden of Knowledge” on 29.09.2022, in the presence of the philosopher Jacques Rancière (FR) during the memorial day of the inauguration of the historic botanical garden of Bierbais, on 29.9.1828 by the landscape architect Charles-Henri Petersen (Le Botanique, Brussels, 1829; the gardens of Mariemont, 1832)."

    PhD In One Night

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