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  • •July 27th - August 3th, 2018 - Open Class in Komiža, on the remote Island Vis.
    in memory of our friend Nenad Neno Odak (★★- 2017)
    For more information visit the Facebook event here


    •Indisciplinary Symphony/
    Indisciplinary learning/ Finland, 2018
    Art as learning as art
    (towards collective intelligence)

    In the frame of the project Indisciplinary Symphony, Phd in One night intervenes in two courses of Finish language ( teacher Tiina Salmi) in Helsinki Sport High School -Mäkelänrinteen lukio in a school year 2017/2018.

    "Interdisciplinarity is defined by the dictionary as “the quality or fact of involving or drawing on two or more branches of knowledge”. It is a way of crossing the borders of disciplines that maintains those borders. It confirms the idea that each discipline defines a specific competence –  and, by the same token, a specific incompetence - so that the addition of these knowledges reproduces a world of knowledge structured by a multiplicity of forms of exclusion based on a fundamental separation between those who know and those who don’t know, those who think and those who don’t think. Since this separation was precisely my “object”, it is clear that I could not use that method."-  Jacques Rancière

    Finish Lesson ( Drama course ), teacher: Tiina Salmi ( 6.2-9.4. 2018 accent is in March) - "Grammar of the form”
    Faculty of Fantasy 1

    First part of the Phd in One Night intervention is proposed in collaboration with Anni Laakso, sculptor (http://www.annilaakso.net/) working on relation between production of space and sculpture production / and Ivana Momcilovic, dramaturge.
    The proposal for work: starting with the students on "translating" drama text ( Lesson -Eugène Ionesco) to the artistic work of sculpting the collective "classrom/ shelter" sculpture where at the end of course students played drama improvisations inside the sculpted space. Sculpture stays in the main hall of the school afterward.



    Finish lesson ( Course Fiction),  teacher Tiina Salmi 10.4. - 31.5. 2018 ( accent is in May)
    Faculty of Fantasy 2

    Second part of Phd in One Night intervention in Sport higshool is proposed in collaboration with Ivana Momcilovic dramaturge and Gregoire Rousseau (www.rousseau.fi) exploring the connections between sound/ silence/ words/ visual/abstract language/ concrete language in "theatre of sounds/ theatres of words" where the role of fiction is used in the primary sense: as "increase of rationality".




    •Recent text ( Janaury 2018) about poetics and practice of Phd in One Night aesthetic and indisciplinary education for all on remote island Vis.



    •Aesthetic education for all: Phd in One Night- "Sound/music and surrealism poetry/collage"- open class- island Vis, Croatia - August 15th-20th, 2017



    •Watch and listen the talk: Anatomija otoka 2015. - Ivana Momčilović, Helena Klakočar, Lisa Penkova - "Art as an island - artists as part of the archipelago of the (responsible) tourism"



    •August 15th-20th, 2017 - Open Workshops in Komiza, on the Island Vis
    For more information visit the Facebook event here


    •March 29th, 2017 - Modern Times - Book Launch and "Music - Movement Research for One Book"
    - Modern Times - Essays on Temporality in Art and Politics by Jacques Rancière
    - Where: La Bellone (Rue de Flandre 46, 1000 Brussels)
    - With: Jacques Rancière (Paris), Leonardo Kovačević (Zagreb), Petar Milat ( Zagreb), Ivana Momčiović (Brussels), Stephane Ginsburgh (Brussels)-piano, Kosta Jakić (Brussels)-piano, Dejana Sekulić (Brussels)- violin and sound research, Marta Coronado (Brussels)- dance and movement research, Flora Bouteilla (Helsinki)- live editing, Gregoire Rousseau (Helsinki)- electricity sculptures. Special participation: mouvement - Liza Penkova. Special live drawing contribution- Christiophe Poot. Special guest: table de sensibles - Blue Moune. Special participation and thanks: Ljubomir Jakić and Magdalena Došen
    Event announcements: Facebook and Carpe Diem! Brussels

    Update: soon we will share an update, a reflection-continuation thought after the event + performance. And for now, please enjoy checking out the program from the evening here.



    •Article about PhD in one Night participation and work "L'école du bonheur/School of Happiness" within the "Écoles Actives", in the École du Tilleul, in with collaboration with the Université Populaire d'Anderlecht.



    •August 3-17th 2016 :: School of Animation open class, cycle "Escape on island/ Escape from island", Komiza (at Ivan Vitic Center), with the help of and in collaboration with the Belgian partners: Atelier Zorobabel and Têtes pressées


    •May 23rd - June 9th, 2016: Intervention on equality and aesthetics of knowledge, in the frame of Phd in one night research, University of the Arts Helsinki- Academy of Fine Arts

    For more about this, please read following texts on UniArts Helsinki and HIAP:
    - Philosopher Jacques Rancière joins Intervention on Equality and Aesthetics of Knowledge
    - Polyphonic Discussion with Jacques Rancière at HIAP Gallery


    •May, 29th: Universite Populaire Anderlecht "Open Doors"


    •January - February 2016: Residency + Workshop (Open Classes) "Škola Sreće / School of Happiness" in Primary Public School(s) in Anderlecht, in collaboration with l'Université Populaire Anderlecht


    •December 2015 - January 2016: Residency + Public Open Rehearsal (09-10.01.2016. in Paris)


    •November - December 2015: Residency + Workshop (Open Classes) "Škola Sreće / School of Happiness" in Primary Public School(s) in Anderlecht, in collaboration with l'Universit Populaire Anderlecht


    •August-September 2015: Residency + Workshop (Open Class) "Škola Sreće / School of Happiness" on island Vis (Croatia) (check out a video clip here, or photos here)