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    about Guerilla University [with trailer]


    • Guerilla University is a temporary free territory, a jungle in the desert full of plants of the most incredible shape and pomegranates from which the world originated according to Kurdish mythology. Guerilla University is a  field of flowers in the desert and this imperfect garden that we are planting despite the decree of interdiction on plantation. Guerilla University is the sound of the inaudible. Guerilla University is the magic of the obvious, which reveals the treasures from the ordinary, just like Jean Painlevé's camera revealed to us the wonders of underground and hidden details in the common world. In temporary free territories, we learn from the present moment. Guerilla University is learning from the present. Guerilla University is connecting by simple available means. It is putting a postage stamp on letters to the unknowns at the time of fast communication, Guerilla University is sending a postcard from free temporary territory without exact address, Guerilla university is looking at stars without a telescope. Guerilla University in collaboration with Rojava University is a common learning of freedom.
    From the text- Guerilla University by PhD In One Night, school year 20/21



    Video by Nina de Vroome for/with People Coming from NowHere collective and PhD in One Night.