People Coming from Nowhere

  • Who?

    PhD in One Night, and its Post-Conference, attracts and asks for people of different profiles. Whence, through time many have joined and others have passed through, with the intent to return in the future. At this moment the core members of the project are Ivana Momčilović, Liza Penkova, Dejana Sekulić, but a continuous support, collaboration and participation of following people, artists, explorers, who search, research, compare, verify, translate… needs to be mentioned:

    Beniamin Boar, Marta Coronado, Ljubomir Jakić, Kosta Jakić, Xavier Löwenthal, Nina de Vroome, Jacques Ranciere, Djordje Balzamovic, Anny Czupper, Francois Beukelaers, Uros Maksimovic, Brice Cannavo, Pauline Fonsny, Manuella de Tervarent, Collectif Manifestement...