People Coming from NowHere

  • We, People Coming from NowHere, are a collective of artists and amateurs of art from different disciplines, meeting regularly and irregularly since 2007, who have been observing the subject of education through an exchange of experiences and contributions of texts, films, interviews, performances within a variety of artistic forms, embodying the process of learning in schools, universities and other institutions, as well as in the non- institutional spaces... with an intention that anyplace and everyplace becomes a space for egalitarian sharing of knowledge. An important source of our inspiration is the poetic of knowledge of Jacques Rancière, conceptual stage with no boundaries between the disciplines, where the creative potentiality of everyone is taken in consideration beyond the logic of hyper specialisation.


    By organising artistic gatherings that we call theatre of learning, we propose a different form of the the choreography of education, where we try to create a shared space-time correlated with the learning process where one can interrupt discuss, think, reflect and possibly re-evaluate proposed topic collectively, contributing to new forms of sharing knowledge through art concepts and creations.