Art is Knowledge

  • In the usual coordinates of the contemporary liberal world, scientific (expert) knowledge is strictly separated from the artistic one. Moreover, art is not seen as knowledge but rather as a subjective profession of an extreme choice that most parents would not recommend to their children since it is not included as a “lucrative” profession on the promising list of the labor market (featured, like a hypnotic pendulum, in the current Bologna educational reform).

    As opposed to the capitalist approach to knowledge and education which correlates with the market and has preferential treatment to commercial professions as its final consequence, in the countries that previously experienced state and/or self-government socialism (from where several members of this research come from) the attitude to art and artistic work/knowledge was the same as the attitude to any egalitarian work/knowledge: the artist was someone who worked in the sphere of culture, which was, in turn, part of the universal transformation of social conditions: towards a society of emancipation and equality.

    Our research strives to bring back artistic knowledge on this path.